5 Tips on How to Stick to a Diet

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Sticking to a diet is not easy. Temptation lurks around every corner and you will constantly find yourself in situations where your life would be much easier if you weren’t dieting. For example, if your anything like me then any holiday period sees my eating habits turn the the dark-side.

However, there are ways you can minimise the effect these situations have on your diets success. In this article we’ll look into 5 tips and strategies to make sticking to your diet as easy as possible.

1. Set and write down your dieting goals

This is another great strategy to keep you help keep you motivated. Before you start dieting at all you should have written down goals that follow the “SMART” format. That is, they must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-targeted.

A popular dieting goal is to set an amount of weight you wish to lose as a result of your diet (and exercise!). To make this goal SMART you need to meet the criteria of a SMART goal.

Write an exact amount of weight you want to lose (make sure this amount is achievable and realistic) and also write the exact date that you wish to achieve this goal by (make sure this date is achievable and realistic). That’s all you need to know about setting a SMART goal.

Now that you have your goal written down, you need to put it somewhere you’ll see it every day and be reminded that you’re working towards something definitive. A great idea is to stick it to the front of the fridge. That way before you reach in for food you’ll see your goal and it will be a lot easier to grab that healthy snack rather then something you’ll regret later.

2. Constantly remind yourself of why you’re dieting

What is your main motivation for being on a diet and losing weight? This is a question you should have a definitive answer for. Whether it’s to fit into your favorite pair of jeans again or to be a healthier role model to your children this will be a powerful force in maintaining your motivation.

Whenever you’re faced with temptation or a situation where cheating on your diet would be the easy option you should consciously go over your main motivation for being on a diet. Stop what you are doing and think about these reasons. If your motivations are strong enough then you will find it much easier to resist the temptation and move on.

3. Eat smaller portions more often

Many experts on fat loss and dieting recommend eating six small meals per day. What you are eating will depend on the diet you’re doing however it should be comprised of a lot of lean protein and fiber.

There are a few reasons why eating smaller meals more often is good for dieting. One is that you should never be too hungry or too full. Eating in this manner creates a more balanced energy system in your body and ensures a more consistent level of hunger. Eating six meals per day also helps to boost your metabolism and promotes fat-burning in your body.

4. Eat foods you like to eat

You will be far more likely to stick to your diet if you are eating foods that you like to eat. This doesn’t mean if you like to eat french fries then you eat french fries (occasionally is ok of course). What you need to do is choose foods that meet the criteria of your diet and are still satisfying for you.

There are many different individual foods that will meet the criteria of your diet. Take the time to do some research and find foods that are both delicious for you and healthy too. If you’re after some inspiration have a read of our article on foods that can actually help your body burn fat.

5. Change your lifestlye

If you want to be successful in your weight loss goals you need to change the way you think about food, eating and life in general. Losing weight is about changing lifestyle. You will need to break old habits and integrate new elements into your life such as a proper diet and regular exercise. You can’t keep doing the same things and expect things to change.

The people who are most successful with dieting and weight loss are the ones that make a total lifestyle change and enjoy it. Enjoy the changes you’re making, enjoy the extra energy and most of all enjoy the results!

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