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5 Tips on How to Stick to a Diet

Sticking to a diet is not easy. Temptation lurks around every corner and you will constantly find yourself in situations where your life would be much easier if you weren’t dieting. For example, if your anything like me then any holiday period sees my eating habits turn the the dark-side. However, there are ways you can minimise the effect these situations have on your diets success . In this article we’ll look into 5 tips and strategies to make sticking to your diet as easy as possible. 1. Set and write down your dieting goals This is another great strategy to keep you help keep you motivated. Before you start dieting at all you should have written down goals that follow the “ SMART ” format. That is, they must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-targeted. A popular dieting goal is to set an amount of weight you wish to lose as a result of your diet (and exercise!). To make this goal SMART you need to meet the criteria of a SMART goal. Write an exact amoun

The Best Fat Burning Exercises

There are varied opinions amongst the fitness community as to the best fat burning exercises and the best types of exercise to accelerate fat loss. However, Most experts agree that working out consistently and adding variation to your workouts both in intensity and the types of workouts you do are large factors in determining the amount of fat your body will burn during exercise. In this article we’ll look into the best fat burning exercises and why they are effective. Why isn’t low-intensity cardio an efficient way to lose fat? A lot of people will go to the gym and spend hours on the treadmill at a consistent low-intensity setting and hope that the fat will drop off. Unfortunately this isn’t how fast fat loss occurs and although over time this type of work out may help you slowly lose fat (if combined with a low-calorie diet) there are more effective exercises to burn fat fast . Excessive bouts of low-intensity cardio combined with a low-calorie diet can actually slow your meta

5 "Healthy" Foods That Make You Fat

There are unfortunately many foods or food categories out there that are touted as “healthy” that will actually cause you to pile on the pounds. Unethical marketers have realised that there is a global trend towards more conscious healthy eating and because of this they are using deceptive messaging to portray some food products as healthy when they really are not. In this article we will highlight 5 of these products or product groups that will increase your fat cells behind your back. 1. “Fat-free” versions of food Fat-free, low-fat and light versions of many foods have been increasing in popularity for many years now and why shouldn’t they be popular? Fatty food is one of the main perpetrators in gaining fat so surely eating the same food without the high fat content would be much better for our waistlines. Unfortunately, the reason fatty food tastes so good is because of their fat content. When your remove the fat you also remove much of the taste. However, this isn’t where

5 Best Foods That Help You Burn Fat Faster

A lot of people are slashing their chances of losing fat during a diet by simply not eating the right foods. There are many foods out there that are your friend in the battle against fat loss and will actually increase your bodies ability to burn fat quickly. The trick is to find food that increases your metabolism and maximises the energy you need to exercise and live a healthy balanced life. A bonus in dieting with these foods is that pretty much all of them come with other health benefits and are among the best foods to consume for everybody. Include these 5 foods in your diet with natural weight loss supplements like PhenQ GNC and you will maximise your chances of achieving the fat loss results you desire. 1. Berries You may have read that certain fruits are not great for fat loss because of their high levels of sugar (fructose). While this is true in some instances the trick is to eat fruit that has lower levels of fructose and are low on the glycemic index (how quickly a f