5 Best Foods That Help You Burn Fat Faster

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A lot of people are slashing their chances of losing fat during a diet by simply not eating the right foods. There are many foods out there that are your friend in the battle against fat loss and will actually increase your bodies ability to burn fat quickly.

The trick is to find food that increases your metabolism and maximises the energy you need to exercise and live a healthy balanced life. A bonus in dieting with these foods is that pretty much all of them come with other health benefits and are among the best foods to consume for everybody.

Include these 5 foods in your diet with natural weight loss supplements like PhenQ GNC and you will maximise your chances of achieving the fat loss results you desire.

1. Berries

You may have read that certain fruits are not great for fat loss because of their high levels of sugar (fructose). While this is true in some instances the trick is to eat fruit that has lower levels of fructose and are low on the glycemic index (how quickly a food will increase your blood-sugar levels). This is important because when your blood-sugar level is high your body will not burn fat as a fuel. Fortunately, berries are both low in fructose and low on the glycemic index.

Berries are also one of the most nutritious foods we can eat and are filled with antioxidants and fiber. Food that’s high in fiber keeps you fuller for longer and this as well as their low glycemic index makes berries great for fat loss.

You can include all berries in your diet but particularly good for fat loss are Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries. It’s best to eat them fresh in their natural form but you can also mix them with oats (also on the list) to create a nutritious fat burning breakfast.

2. Oats

Speaking of oats, they are also a great food to help you achieve your fat loss goals. Oats are a whole grain food that have high levels of the fibre “beta-glucan”. Beta-glucan is great for fat loss because it actually absorbs fat from food and helps to maintain your cholesterol levels and healthy heart function.

The other reason why oats are a powerful fat loss food is because they release their energy into your body very slowly. This means they keep you full for longer and provide consistent energy throughout the day.

Make sure you eat steel-cut of rolled oats for the best nutritional value. Whilst instant oatmeal is ok it is not as beneficial as the pure form. A bowl of oats is a great way to start your at burning day.

3. Salmon

One of the richest sources of omega-3, salmon is a superstar when it comes to switching on your bodies ability to burn fat. Omega-3 actually increases your bodies propensity to burn fat and also blocks the storage of fat by regulating the bodies insulin levels.

Salmon also is very high in proteins that increase fat loss. A high protein diet has been shown to help the body burn fat. Proteins promote muscle growth and make you feel full for longer. Other health benefits of salmon include lowering your cholesterol, blood pressure and reducing your risk of heart problems.

Popular ways to eat salmon include grilling and baking. My favorite way to eat salmon is to wrap a fillet in tin foil with generous amounts of fresh chili (also good for fat loss), a squirt of fresh lemon and some cracked pepper. Avoid too much salt because not only is it bad for you it also can dry your salmon out.

4. Eggs

Eggs are another super food when it comes to fat loss. They are rich in high-quality proteins that enhance calorie burning through increasing the bodies ability to convert energy into heat.

The other way eggs enhance your fat loss is through increasing satiety (sense of fullness). This means you will have less desire to ingest more calories and with this reduction your body will be more inclined to burn stored fat as its source of energy.

Eggs are also rich in vitamins A, D and E so have other health benefits other than increasing your fat loss. Make sure you eat the yolk too because this is where most of the nutrients are.

5. Green Tea

Studies have indicated that drinking green tea can increase your ability to burn body fat. Green tea contains “catechins” that based on these studies stimulates the bodies metabolism and allows you to burn more fat.

Green tea also has a multitude of other health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, green tea helps prevent heart disease and cancer. Try replace your morning coffee with green tea and you will be doing your fat loss goals a favour.

These 5 foods are great additions to your diet repertoire in the fight against fat loss.

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